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The Siberian Husky is one the most beautiful of dogs. With its varied markings and colors, impish expression, and soft, touchable coat, it has instant appeal to many people. In the right circumstances, Siberians make pets and companions equal to none. They are friendly, loveable, clean, athletic, and intelligent. They don’t bark without reason; in fact, they seldom bark at all, opting instead for an occasional companionable “wolf howl.” They love everybody, so their owners don’t have to worry about vicious attacks. They are healthy with few of the hereditary ills that affect many breeds. They thrive on less food than many breeds of comparable size. They have an upbeat, happy attitude about life, ready to take its challenges head on.

But woe to the unprepared owner who thinks his or her Siberian should decorate the backyard with its beauty yet remain quietly in the background of family life. Siberians are gregarious pack animals. They demand activity, companionship and being in the middle of what’s going on. Left to their own amusements, they become bored, then destructive, and finally look for escape. Being athletic, they need exercise and space to run. Yet they lack the protective, territorial instincts that would allow them to be trustworthy off leash and running free. A tall fence is a MUST, for a Siberian has to be confined. Siberians are superb hunters; cats and livestock are regarded as prey. Their outgoing natures make them regard everyone as friend, and they are worthless as guard and protection dogs. Their independence, combined with keen intelligence, make them unwilling to be followers of a master’s every whim. They learn quickly, but they obey only when it pleases them. Although generally easy to groom, most Siberians twice yearly shed their dense undercoats adding quantities of fluff that covers everything.

The Siberian Husky was originally developed as a sled dog, pulling light loads over long distances. It is, therefore, a strong, athletic animal requiring daily exercise. Their thick double coat allows them to survive comfortably in subzero temperatures, yet with proper shade and water they love to splash in they adapt to much warmer climates.

The Siberian in a medium-sized dog. Males range from 21″-23.5″ at the shoulder and 50-60 pounds. Females range from 20-22″ and 40-50 pounds. They come in shades of black, grey, and red with blue, brown or amber eyes. Some often have one of each (Bi-eyed) or an eye with both colors (parti- eyed). Pure white or piebald (white with large colored patches) are also acceptable.

So, you want a Siberian Husky? – Siberian Huskies are not for everyone… make sure you know their short comings!

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