So, You Want A Siberian Husky?


So, You Want A Siberian Husky?


Are you interested in buying a Siberian Husky? Then you have already heard how marvellous they are. We think that you should also be told that they do have their shortcomings, and may not make the ideal pet for everyone that is attracted to them.

Siberians are a gregarious lot and need the company of other dogs or of people at all times. If you work all day, or  have room for only one dog ………Don’t buy a Siberian.!!

While capable of strong affection for his family, the Siberian Husky is also very friendly with strangers. So if you want the fierce loyalty of a one man dog …….Don’t buy a Siberian.!!

The Siberian Husky is not a watch dog, although those ignorant of his true nature may be frightened by his appearance. If you want a dog with aggressive guard-dog instincts …………Don’t buy a Siberian.!!

At least once a year Siberians shed their coats. If you don’t like fur all over the house and in the very air you breathe, then fine. If however, you like neatness at all times, then…………Don’t buy a Siberian.!!

Siberian Huskies have a natural proclivity for digging holes in backyards. If you take great pride in your landscaping efforts…………………Don’t buy a Siberian.!!

Of all the shortcomings to be found in Siberians, the most dangerous to the pet owner is their tremendous desire to RUN. But the very first dash that a puppy makes across the road could be his last run, anywhere. A Siberian, for his own protection, should be kept confined at all times. If you are one of those people who think it is cruel to kennel a dog, or keep him confined in his own backyard………….Don’t buy a Siberian.!!

We just happen to believe that any dog is better off in a proper kennel than running all over the countryside. Yes, a kennel dog is missing a lot in life:- the chance to be hit by a car, the fun of being dirty, full of burrs, and loaded with worms, the opportunity of being attacked by other dogs, the job of being sick on garbage infested with disease, the pleasure of being tormented by mean kids, the thrill of being shot in a farmyard, and finally the great comfort of never knowing where he belongs or how to behave. We don’t want to see any Siberian to become a TRAMP.

If you have read this far and honestly feel that you qualify on all counts, and are still determined to own a Siberian, then we take great pleasure in welcoming you to the snug complacency of knowing that we own the most beautiful, smartest, the most nearly ideal dog in the world……………


The Siberian Husky !!