About Us


“Hello” from Craig & Robyn Fosterblueline

We are located West of Sydney living on a two acre property approximately 25 minutes from the Dogs NSW Canine complex. We love our Siberian Huskies and Portuguese Water Dogs and enjoy everything that involves us with them.

We are very active in the show ring and have had some very pleasing results with both breeds. We enjoy our dogs days out as do the dogs. It is our hobby where our dogs are very involved and spend time socializing with us.
We also run our Siberians in harness at the Sled Dog Mushing events.

We are only small time breeders, breeding approximately once a year for our hobbies with our dogs and breeding only with Sound Champion dogs of good temperament that are Hip scored and Eye tested. We breed with the intention to keep something for ourselves and ensuring loving and suitable homes for the rest of the litter allowing others to enjoy and experience the love and loyalty a Siberian or Portuguese Water dog in the right home can give.

My place of work is at home with my dogs ensuring they get all the love and attention they need and deserve.

When my puppies are born they are whelped and raised in our family room where they become a part of our everyday living enjoying cuddles, music and getting used to humans as well as canines being around for four weeks. I always spend this time at home with them until they are big enough to enjoy the big outdoors.

They then go out into their designer puppy run where they have the room to grow and develop into healthy, happy, strong puppies running the fenceline with the big dogs enabling them to develop and socialise without getting injured as well as early training as well as toilet training, ensuring great temperaments.

Princess our foundation Siberian and Robyn’s heart dog pictured with Robyn January 2003