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owned and loved by Dorothy & Jim Clarke

(please note: We do not breed any more)

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Kado  (left) and son Koro (right)

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                      Mika                   Teiko                  Crystal    (See below)

Watashino Shiba Inu's started out by a twist of fate. Dorothy always being a lover of dogs who was once  a licensed public trainer and owner/trainer of greyhounds who also when she retired,  had a Kelpie she adored that wore a bow tie and tailed waist jacket to her wedding,  had lost her old dogs that weren't replaced and knew she needed more when Mika found her and became the foundation of Watashino.

Dorothy and Mika learnt the art of showing together and Mika became an Australian Champion.

Mika has produced a litter of three puppies, whelped 20.04.02 and Teiko and Crystal now live at Watahino too.  Aki the third puppy has a wonderful home with the Helgeby's.

Kado is a new member at Watashino and a fine looking young man fresh back from Canada. He has style and a certain grace about him. Keep an eye out for this boy!.

Yatsu was also a member of the Watashino Kennel while being campaigned to an Australian Title for Mibuddi Shiba Inu's of Victoria.

"Mika"  Aust.Ch Risingsuns Mikomii


                          Mika feeding her puppies                     Mika watching over and talking to her young

"Teiko"  Aust.Ch Watashino Tayasu Teiko


                 Teiko wins Baby Puppy in Group    -   Teiko the day he became an Aust. Champion

"A proud moment for Watashino Kennels".  WatashinoTayasu Teiko attains his Australian Championship on the 18.05.03. The very first home bred champion at Watashino.

"Crystal" Aust.Ch Watashino Kireina Suisho


Crystal wins a Minor Puppy in Group   -  Also a Puppy in Group  -  Crystal now a Champion

Newsflash " Crystal attains her Australian Championship title."

Crystal's Australian Championship was an achievement in its own for Watahino. Crystal at 10 months was on 89 points when she came into season and things changed. She became frightened of many and scared in the ring and was taken out for 11 months. A lot of dedication and trial and error remedy was tried and unsuccessful but then she had a proper season and showed signs of settling down. With this she was nurtured back to the ring and this little girl deserving of her championship, earnt her extra points and became another Watashino champion. A doubly proud moment here at Watashino.

"Yatsu"  Aust.Ch Mibuddi Ozka Yatsu


Yatsu the day she attained her Championship title   -   Yatsu happy in play at Watashino

"Yattie Sue" affectionately called by Dorothy came to Watashino to be campaigned to an Aust. title.


"Sadly"  Yattie Sue past away with complications during her whelping when she went home to Mibuddi to have her babies. Such a shame when in her prime. She will be missed by those that knew and loved her.

"Puppies Bred by us"

Aki, Kobi, Ashi, Mitsu

 Dorothy can be contacted on email address:  dot101@optusnet.com.au

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