Placed for Us

Aust. Ch.Arcticpalace My Contessa  

co-owned with and now placed by Sheree Brown with Jane Vukicevic

Sheree has had a multitude run of bad luck and with this came the necessity to place all her dogs. Tessa has been placed in a wonderful home with Jane who simply adores her which has given Sheree something to be thankful for with all that has put her strength to test. She has emailed Sheree with how Tess has become one of the most special things in her life.


Tessa enjoying a good life with Jane who lives close to the beach where she enjoys her walks.


Tessa wins Best Exhibit in Group/Open in Group

Tessa came to visit for 4 months and earnt her Australian Champion title, Sheree knew she was deserving of but with Sheree's misfortunes, including a badly broken ankle that hindered Sheree's running of Tess and Tessa's bad timing with coat dropping with available shows up there, she felt she was Tessa's handicap. Tessa has a big reach and moves effortlessly and likes to be on a loose lead, so given her head and in a time of good coat, a Championship title is hers.

Arcticpalace Royal Joker


            Joker as a Puppy                  Here with Sheree            and 2nd in sweepstakes with 35entered

Joker was anticipated with much excitement by Sheree and purchased as a show Prospect. Unfortunately for Sheree she had previously purchased 2 male show prospects from other breeders, both ending up with only one testicle. Joker was only going to go to Sheree with two testicles fully decended in the scrotum, which was the case and Joker started out well as a puppy, but then decided to grow over the standard. This was devastating for Sheree and us. We so wanted things to work out for her this time.

Sheree seemed to be constantly hammered with bad luck. Circumstances became available and Acrticpalace My Contessa went to live with Sheree, not long after this Sheree broke her ankle, and it was damaged in such a way she was to end up in a wheelchair for an extended period of time. After a continuous run of bad luck, Sheree decided to take on another breed (The Japanese Spitz) and place some of her Siberians in loving pet homes. In this time Sheree and I became very good friends and still remain that way. We are looking after Tess for her for a while, until she decides which direction she wishes to go.

Joker has gone to live with fisherman "Ken" and another of Sheree's Siberians "Morgan". Ken is besotted with his dogs and they have a great life with a man that enjoys the outdoors with them, feeds them plenty of fresh fish and has them in excellent condition as well as their enviroment.                     


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