Aki is litter brother to Teiko and Crystal who enjoys life and is in his glory at the Helgeby's - A strong friendship has developed between familys. Aki and Kiku his best friend (pictured right) also a Helgeby



                          Kobi at 8 months            -        Kobi with Deb and Shaun the day they met

Kobi Profile - born 25.09.05

Kobi matured up nicely and would of made a loving pet or a loved show dog. He is of softer nature that makes him so very easy to love and would very easily become some ones best friend. Kobi now has a new home with Deb and Shaun that love him dearly and is just that.



Ashi Profile - born 03.10.05

Ashi has attitude to burn and will make a great Show Dog. Although off to a bad start, with a reaction to his first vaccination which caused him to loose coat, that did him no favours early. As his coat was coming back you could see his potential. He was then entered in his first show at 5 months and won Baby Puppy in Group first time out and over his brother Koro! He now has a beautiful coat. Ashi has now gone to live in Queensland in a wonderful show home with Alicia (pictured) and Tommy and has had a couple of good wins for them, but most importantly he is happy to be with any of their dogs, especially his Great Dane best friend.


Mitsu is Ashi's sister and went to live with Rhonda as soon as she was old enough as Rhonda awaited her eagerly to which she has given her a wonderful home full of love and devotion. She regulary visits with her and keeps in contact.

Dorothy cutting Crystals nails while Mika relaxes by her. (C & M - mothers of Ashi, Mitsu and Kobi)

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