Siberian Huskies

All Our Siberian Huskies live happy together at Arcticpalace.  

              Click on headshots for pictures and profile of each dog.


Our Dogs currently being Campaigned


  "DJ"                                                       "Mac"                


                 Aust Grand Champion Chrisdon's             Aust Champion Hurricanes               

                   Dreams of Miami Vice                             Vroom - Vroom Vroom                        

(IMP USA)                                               (IMP USA)


                                        "Monnie"                                 "Gemma"                                   

                           Aust Grand Champion                              Aust Champion                                         

                                           Arcticpalace Miss Devious                        Arcticpalace Royal Gem                                              

                         "Billy"                                      "Coco"                                    

                     Aust Champion                                        Aust Champion                                   

                                          Arcticpalace Mr President                        Arcticpalace Spirit of Miami                                       


Jack and Princess - The foundation of our kennel

  "JACK"  R.I.P                                             "PRINCESS"  R.I.P

Aust Grand Champion                               Aust Grand Champion

Arcticmate Yukons Jack                            Thundova Snow Princess


Chief and Duchess - Our dogs from our first litter

chief_face.jpg (70962 bytes)  "CHIEF"  R.I.P                                        duchess_head.jpg (354403 bytes) "DUCHESS"

Aust Grand Champion                              Aust Grand Champion

Arcticpalace Yukons Chief                        Arcticpalace Snow Duchess

Lady from our second Princess litter & Smokey our stud

  "LADY"                                                  "SMOKEY"

Aust Grand Champion                              Aust Grand Champion

Arcticpalace Leading Lady                        Illahee Stand n Deliver


Crystal from our third Princess litter              Treasure a repeat on Crystal

"CRYSTAL"                                                                    "TREASURE

Aust Grand Champion                             Aust Champion                 

Arcticpalace Snow Crystal                       Arcticpalace Snow Tresure

                                                    "Angel" - From our first Duchess litter

                                              "ANGEL"                                           Todd's Dogs                 

                                             Aust Champion                                       "ACE"&"QUEENIE"                                                        

                                            Arcticpalace Snow Angel


"All our dogs are fed and conditioned on Purina"


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