First Litter Whelped 15.05.01

Sire: Aust Grand Ch Arcticmate Yukons Jack

Dam: Aust Grand Ch Thundova Snow Princess


       Princess has had her puppies born on the due date 15.05.01

   3 Boys and 3 Girls

We kept a boy and a girl, Chief and Duchess 

Princess always wanted to be a mum, loved her puppies, still loves being a mum, and still yearns to be a new mum.

Chief, Duchess and Dazzler


Puppies pictured

1st left: Chief, Duchess and Dazzler 1st right: Chief, Tess, Lightn, King & Duchess
2nd left: Full Litter at play with Todd 2nd right:  Duchess
3rd left:  King 3rd right:  Lightn
Bottom left:  King & puppies at play Bottom right:  Contessa (Tess)


Second Litter whelped 25.05.02


Sire: GD CH Arcticmate Yukons Jack

Dam: Ch Chalariz Queen of the Ice (AI)


Queenie had her babies born Sat 25.05.02

"3 boys" and "2 girls"


           Queenie and her babies at 1 week                         The Grommets at 3 weeks


      at five weeks (boy, girl, girl, boy, boy)                                     pups at play  5˝ weeks


We have kept a boy for Todd called "Ace" and a girl Queen Elizabeth "Lizzie".



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