"Planned Litter"

"Enquiries welcome" ... Please take time to research the Siberian to ensure this is the breed for you.

The Portuguese Water Dog is a rare and beautiful breed, Non allergenic, please contact for more Information.

Due 5th February 2010 - Lady x Billy (Siberian Huskies)

 Due 10th February 2010 - Tresure x Smokey (Siberian Huskies)

We are only small time breeders, breeding maximum once a year and breeding only with the intent to keep a puppy ourselves.  Our next litter, like the others we will have the puppies whelped and raised inside the home until they are big enough to climb out of their whelping box and then in an environment which properly socializes them to produce excellent temperaments avoiding any personality and behavioral problems.

A puppy will not be sold to an owner in the wrong circumstance.  (See Husky Breed info)

We want you to be an informed, responsible buyer and pet owner. It is our responsibility to do everything in our power to produce quality Siberian Huskies and place these puppies in quality homes where they will remain as loving family members and not destroyed or killed. We will be glad to provide you with honest answers to any questions you have and help you to decide if owning a Siberian Husky is the right breed for you.

The same applies for our lovable Non Shedding, non Allergenic breed, The Portuguese Water Dog.

Learn more about this wonderful breed (The origin of the Portuguese Water Dog)

Our aim is to always make ourselves available to our buyers to ensure responsible ownership.


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