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Missie has gone to live with a lovely family who absolutely adore her.

Darren, Wendy and their children have welcomed Missie into their home and have given her a home where she is totally part of their family and give her all the love and attention a dog could hope for and they enjoy the loving ways of Missie in return. Missie is Tori's girl (pictured right in bed with Missie) who she is totally besotted with.

"Tonka" Now "Seamus" Has a wonderful new home (Click headshot)

Arcticpalace Shimma - owned & loved by Rob & Heather Kite


                        Shimma at 9 weeks                                            Shimma at 11 weeks leaving to go to his new home

Shimma is Heather and Rob's long awaited fury baby and from the time he was born, they were regular visitors to the litter and then this little cutie became their Shimma.

They are a very devoted and caring couple and Shimma should live a very full and happy life with them. When Shimma is old enough they are looking forward to taking him along to agilty classes and trails.

They plan to keep in to touch, and they have. Shimma has been on many an adventurous trip and has excelled in his puppy obedience classes and has two ribbons and awards his mum and dad proudly hang on their fridge. A dog could not ask for a better home.

Shimma has now turned one and has gone out racing. The bug is biting and they all had a great time. (see pictures below)



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Arcticpalace Maximus - owned and loved by the Baer Family


Max is a beautiful boy!.. The image of his mother "Princess" who is admired very much by Linda. David and Linda had lost their 12 yr old Husky "Kahn" to Cancer who was very much a part of their family and although he can never be replaced, the joy of having another husky around has been been fulfilled in Max.

Max timed the arrival to his new family well, as he was their son Matt's birthday present too which he had been so looking forward to receiving. Linda's mum, who lives close by also picked her new puppy Emma up the same day and Max and Emma are sure to be great mates and will be regular visitors to one another.

Max, I'm sure will live a long happy life with his new family. (see email below, how he lives. received 02.06.04)

Hi Robyn and family
     It's been a long time since I have emailed you.  Maximus is absolutely great, he is such a horse and very very spoilt.  He sleeps inside at night time right next to my side of the bed or he'll crawl underneath our bed and he'll sleep there all night until he wants to go to the toilet, then  Max will wake us up by placing his cold wet nose on faces.  We had to adjust the back screen door so he can come in and out when ever he feels like it and he has developed a grooming habit with our cat Gandalf, he loves to pretend he is fleaing Gandalf's belly or the top of his head.  Gandalf will put up with it for a little while before escaping under the TV cabinet.  Max is so easy to train, he can sit, down, stand, stay, shake both paws, speak on command, fetch ball, play soccer with Matt and David, my personal favorite is I've taught him to harass David, he is very good at that, much to David's dislike but it makes Matt and me laugh till we cry. We play so many games with him. He is so much a part of our family, we love Maximus very much.

From Linda, David and Matt.

Arcticpalace Snow Storm & Arcticpalace Ice Maiden

owned & loved by The Denigan Family 

Maiden and now Stormy have gone to live with Tom and Joanne Denigan and their three children Natalie, Anneke and Sean. Maiden had turned one and although she is one spoilt puppy, they new that she was very excitable and would love the company of one of her own so then come Stormy.

They are a lovely family and are very much in love with both their dogs and both dogs are certainly lucky dogs to have them too!!  They are given all the love and attention they need and are very much a part of their lives.


   Stormy11wks ready to leave with the Denigans           Maiden pictured at 6 weeks                        Maiden at 5 months


                                  Sean loves his Stormy                                                    Maiden and Stormy, always best friends....June 2004

Maiden and Stormy are very loved puppies and spend a lot of time inside with the family or included in their everyday life. Their worst fear is that someone might try to steal their fury family and they keep a very close eye on them.

Arcticpalace Yukons King & Arcticpalace Snow Dazzler 

           owned & loved by  Melissa & Peter Woodward


Princess at 3 months                         Czar and Anuk go canoeing with Melissa      

Peter & Melissa who are Graphic Designers took the above picture when Princess was 3 months to the day at her very first show. They fell in love with her, they framed this picture and it sat proud in their home. Friends looking at the picture were told, “we’re going to get a puppy just like her one day” and that they were researching the breed.

When they finally decided it was time to purchase a puppy they had a recommendation to us unaware that we had the mother and her babies of the pup they always wanted. They had decided to purchase two puppies so they had one each and the puppies had one of their own to play with. They were hoping for a Grey and White Girl (they had always wanted) and Black and White Boy with blue eyes (typical of the breed). Which we had available ironically.

Peter and Melissa are a very athletic couple that work from home (the dogs think they are helping by lying at their feet) they also walk their dogs everyday and take them bike riding in the forests with them and practically include them in all they do. They have changed their whole life around their new loved fury friends and enjoy it so much.

Although we felt the puppies would do well in the show ring this was to good a home and that was our most important factor in placing our puppies when it seemed destined to be. They keep regular contact and the puppies are so well kept and loved. I could not wish for a better home for a pup.

   "Newsflash"  Czar comes to visit and enters the Neuter Class at the  

June 2002 Siberian Specialty show and wins Best Neuter in Show


Todd practiced with King (now Czar)  -  Czar and Anuk enjoying a good life and one another -  Best Friends, always inseparable

Polarblaze Cool Hand Duke  -  Owned & loved by Glen & Margot Jackson

Duke has a wonderful home with Glen, Margot and their children. Duke was the first mature dog I ever had to place and one of the hardest thing I ever had to do as a dog owner. I never went looking for a home for Duke, Todd and I wanted him to stay but we were told of the home that Glen and Margot could give.

Duke is a beautiful natured B&W brown eyed boy. Unfortunately for the show ring Duke had a floating testicle and was unable to continue showing. Duke hated to be confined so it was difficult to take him along for the ride. With a lot of tears shed I let Duke go, trying to convince Todd and myself it was selfish to keep Duke when he had such a better life on offer which turned out to be exactly so.

Duke went to Glen and Margot at 11 months and he is loved very much. He is walked at least 6 kms everyday and has a Jack Russell friend "Sophie" to play with. He goes everywhere Glen can take him along, on the 4x4 his head blows in the wind and his chest held proud. He even went to visit Santa with him.

Duke comes back here for holidays when his new family can't take him along and we remain in contact. One of the times on the phone to Glen, he told me "He can honestly say in all his life he has never loved a dog as much as he does Duke" and Margot thinks he is her true champion. I know now, this was a good decision.


        Duke at six months                                      Glen and Duke visit Santa 

Sibelk Jumpin Jak Flash  -  owned and loved by Toby Robinson  


Toby could not believe he has been given the opportunity to own such a beautiful Siberian Husky, not only in looks but in temperament. Flash has Joined Toby and has become very much a big part of his life.

Flash has found his special home and a special friend in Toby. Flash now Toby's shadow is a part of his everyday life walking and visiting friends. He has been charming all Toby's friends and Toby with his sweet and adaptable ways.

His happiness makes Toby happy and I think Flash has found his heaven on earth.

"NEWSFLASH" Flash was stolen from his home, and Toby was devastated, but through his dedication to find him, believing there was no way he would of escaped he was found 3 weeks later. BEWARE of people walking with you talking about your dog until they get to your home, and see where you live. "This was the case with Flash" He was stolen, but in offering a reward with a description of Flash, some new stealers that knew of Flash's whereabouts from his cries, interested only in the reward, stole him and returned him for the reward. So long as Flash was back with Toby, he ignored the circumstances just happy to have Flash Back, but it did cost him, So please be aware. This is the Denigans worst fear with their dogs.


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