Hayley's Page  

Hayley Qualified for and competed in the 2001 Pal State Final


Hayley Presenting "Amber" to the Judge         Hayley working with Siberian Husky "Amber"

   Hayley did not place on the day but we were proud of her efforts.

"Hi" My name is Hayley Foster. born 9.08.91

My favorite animal is a dog, especially my mums dog Princess and her daughter Duchess. They don't mind me putting my sunglasses on them, in fact they like them (and cuddles of course). Our other  dogs Chief and Jack are so friendly because their tails wag all the time and when I go to pat them their tails hit me non stop.

I think my brother Todd is very good at Junior Handling and I hope to be as good at it as him. Queenie our other dog is so good with him. My mum and dad have helped me in learning how to handle and show dogs and I am very grateful. Todd has helped me too..!!

I like to participate in all the Junior Handling events and I have met a lot of new friends at the shows.


Hayley wins first place in Juniors in the Ladies Kennel Assoc./Castle Hill 19.05.02 handling Tess 

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